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Giving Kids Meaningful Play in Bali

Why Every Town Needs a SuperHero Factory

Fun activities for kids in Bali are somewhat limited. Yes there are many things to do with kids in Bali, really fun things for kids.

For example: you have the waterpark slides at waterbom Bali and some interactive playgrounds for kids such as pirates bay, miniapolis Bali zoo and other general kids activities spotted around here and there, but how often and how long can kids engage in these before getting bored?

The exhilaration of a water slide is definitely fun for kids but is limited in its variety.Kids thrive on variety and need a wide choice of
play-based activities to keep them engaged.
Physical activities for children is vital for their overall development and fostering good habits of regular physical activity from an early age is important.The great news is that with the right activities, time spent in playing outdoor games can be educational and beneficial in many facets of a child’s learning and overall growth (see list of health benefits below).

Kids need to be engaged in fun active learning experiences that link to their abilities,interests, identity and knowledge made up of both structured (ie taught intentionally) and unstructured spontaneous activity.
The good news is that kids are extremely creative and with a well thought out plan of design, an engaging play area need not be expensive or take a lot of resources. SuperHero Factory is a perfect playground for kids to have structured and spontaneous activity simultaneously.

SHF provides an indoor space for what normally is considered an outdoor game /activity. It has been called the perfect place to practice Parkour (without getting the bruises). Kids engaging in Parkour are challenged both physically and mentally plus the encouragement of being a super hero allows their creative juices to overflow. 


More good news is the array of benefits you receive when you find the right outdoor games to play or the right kids sport for your children. Places like the Super Hero Factory...AND ONLY one exists in Bali so farnis a great indoor space for kids to have constructive play and adults to have a fun workout. 

Health Benefits of physical play and family fun activities at the Super Hero Factory - just a few of the huge benefits of hands on
physical fun activities for children:

  1. Kid's sleep is improved - Your kids will sleep with a wide smile... dreaming of saving the world as super heroes no doubt
  2. Great opportunity to bond with others, develop social skills and make lots of friends.
  3. Fun play relieves stress and promotes relaxation
  4. This type of training / games for kids, improves concentration and thinking skills.
  5. The uniquely designed SHF is a playground for kids that raises self esteem and confidence (while being a serious albeit fun-looking training arena for adults.)
  6. Helps promote cerebral, problem solving activity in all the different parts of the brain.
  7. Develops and improves propreception, as well as spacial awareness and risk assessment.
  8. The natural parkour running, jumping and balancing courses develop and improve gross and fine motor skills
  9. Improves balance, coordination and internal strength.
  10. Helps maintain and develop great flexibility, both in body and in mind.
  11. Helps build strong bones, muscles and ligaments. Due to the micro stresses the bones undergo while training with controlled impact they grow more dense.
  12. Improves cardiovascular fitness.
  13. Promotes healthy mind and body growth and development.
  14. Helps achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

How Parents and Educators can help

Parents and educators must be or become active role models to encourage children to participate in regular physical activities.

Actually unless there has been a focussed effort to the contrary one of the hardest challenges today for parents could be getting the kids away from the multitude of 'screen online games' that are available for them. It is up to the parents and the teachers / educators in our schools to show kids by 'doing' and not just by talk.Outdoor play and learning activities should be the norm in schools today.

Super Hero Factory is one of the great ideas for kids camp in Bali. It is currently used for kids and adult retreats but could also be incorporated in after school activities for personal development having a variety of purposes one of which could be the topic of "facing your fears". Great for junior high school kids or above.

Indoor Parkour For Kids

The Superhero Factory is totally unique to Bali offering a safe 'structured play' approach to Parkour especially suited for kids from age 4 all the way up to 16 years old. through to adulthood. For those who want a real training workout and practice before venturing out to the real Parkour skin-scraping-concrete course outside, we are the answer.

Time to Get Off The Couch and Get Physical

The facility and training at SuperHeros factory is also great for kids who may not be into 'team' sports, or who are not so confident about their physical condition or maybe lack motivation to get off the couch, let go of the tv and video controllers and just get out there and PLAY!! On the contrary if your child is full of energy and is a natural athlete the Parkour facility will be a great physical challenge which will help advance and fine tune his / her agility, coordination and balance even further. We encourage creativity by developing both individual and team challenges allowing the kids to create and design their own obstacle courses, their own rules, their own games both competitively and as part of a team. This also helps develop social skills, leadership skills, collaboration and cooperation.
Kids can really handle things on their own when they are given responsibility, ownership and when they know they are going to have heaps of fun. Remember, at the SuperHero Factory the kids are learning to save the world, by saving themselves.

A natural Playground and an alternative 'things to do for kids' in Bali plus a great 'gym training' replacement or addition for adults.

The SHF is also used for family fun and is perfect for adult's activities with children. So if you are looking for fun things to do in Bali with your kids in school break for example, SHF should be on your list. There are programs for parents and kids to train together.. a great chance for bonding and encouragement.

What actually is Parkour?

Parkour is a sport evolved from a French military training exercise which is also known as 'Free Running". The sport uses a course strewn with obstacles and requires extreme focus, and physical abilities such as running, jumping, climbing and many other various athletic manoeuvres to navigate through urban terrain in the most quickest and efficient way. Parkour has been described as the natural workout of the animal kingdom based on play... which is what kids are the best at.

Parkour helps kids develop flexibility and encourages them to play while using fundamental body movements. It also helps kids to think on their feet, react to obstacles, develop quick, decisive thinking skills and foster creativity since each obstacle they meet will not have a clear cut solution. It's a sport that gives kids a full body workout that promotes cardiovascular health, grows or boosts self confidence and helps strengthen bones and body core.

Indoor Parkour classes for kids can be a very positive way to re-direct the time and energy of children helping them to form exercise habits that are healthy and instil a love of physical activity which is challenging at all levels both mentally and physically and engaging them with fun drills, games and exercises in a fun-safe environment.

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