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Face & Overcome Your Fears at our Unique Team Building Bali Workshops

For young and old adults - Life changing team building trainings, with a difference!

Dancing with Your Fears

SuperHero Team Building Bali are workshops held in our unique SuperHero Factory Bali.
Team Building is basically a term to describe activities for the enhancement of a team's performance; building effective working/social relationships; strengthening team member's role definition and finding solutions to team challenges / problems.

It is also an integral part of self development and confidence building.

Social Bonding (Interpersonal-relations)
The Team Building workshops at the SuperHero Factory Bali lend more emphasis on interpersonal-relations and social bonding, increasing skills such as giving and receiving support, communication skills and sharing.

When a group of people face their fears (albeit at differing levels) together a special kind of social bonding takes place. A cooperation, a collaboration, a rallying together where each one shares their strengths helping and supporting other's weaknesses without blame or judgement to overcome obstacles together where normally as individuals they may not have.

A real Life example of this is the 911 disaster where people of all backgrounds in the disaster zone rallied and pulled together in a single aim or cause to overcome some horrendous challenges.
One mother who saw the SuperHero Factory after visiting the nearby Bali dentist is over the moon on her discovery. Her autistic son’s whole demeanor changes when walking into the Factory. His face lights up and he attacks all the obstacles with fearless abandon. Plus his apparent ‘fear’ of interacting with others disappears.

Critical thinking
Critical thinking can be sparked and enhanced when major problems are identified and acknowledged by the team members who work enthusiastically together as a team to find solutions.

At The Factory, critical thinking comes into play since each time an obstacle (problem) comes up there is more than one solution and decisions need to be made quickly, forcing decisiveness, a critical attribute in the journey to success. Thinking outside the box also helps for the better solution.

Facing Fears Together
When an individual understands first hand that others have similar fears to their own, that fear already then diminishes. It doesn’t feel as daunting as before since they are now NOT facing their fear alone.
At SuperHero Factory one of the fears that many have when coming into the Factory is the fear of heights. Our facility and team building workshops gives a great opportunity to show them that this fear of heigts that may feel insurmountable can be overcome.

The overcoming of fears in a team building exercise can often help an individual face and overcome fears in real life situations. It gives the individual a basis or foundation to work with when they re-call the steps and reasoning behind walking toward your fear instead of running and hiding. To 'dance-with-your-fear', to take control and break through as they did in the SuperHero exercises.

At the SuperHero team building sessions, support and encouragement are given by other team members and this together with seeing others breakthrough gives a confidence and strength that may not be achieved alone.

When members with fear of height eventually take the plunge and JUMP from the "Fear Jump" platform they just want to do it again and again. They really do start to 'dance-with-the-devil' and shoot the fear (devil) down.

Their joy of overcoming something that they have always feared is obvious bringing a new confidence and immediate spring in their step plus always a HUGE smile. The transformation is lovely to watch.

Facing fears through Team Building exercises can be the catalyst for swift positive change in individuals.


Also we put groups together, so if you are just one or 2 people looking for a group to join we can certainly accommodate you. Call us at the same number OR fill in the form.

  • 2 hours of expertly guided, interactive group enjoyment.
  • Learn to tackle your mental blocks through the SHF's obstacles
  • Reconnect with your natural ability to move
  • Learn amazing techniques for navigating life physically.
  • No fitness or skills required
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